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About me.

I am passionate about helping production teams solve problems through design.
GYPSY - Arizona Broadway Theater
(Assistant Scenic Designer to Designer, Nate Bertone)

BOY HERO - AKA Studio Productions
(Production Designer)

"It is clear by looking at Fleming’s work why he is an emerging designer Broadway’s eyes are keenly watching."                 - Ryan Pierre (nyweekly.com)

I originally entered the industry as a director and feel that my experience directing arms me with an intense appreciation for the production process, an intimate understanding of how to tell a story and use all the elements available to a production, and a critical eye to see when something might be exciting but isn’t contributing to dramaturgical clarity.

My work as a director relied heavily on learning to see the “big picture” and break it down into the individual elements to discover what, why, and how it is contributing to the audience’s experience. 

"Christian has every asset: attention to detail, total calm in a storm, openness to ideas far afield but healthy to explore, and a strong sense of what is entertaining and moving.
                - Melissa Errico (Tony Nominated Actress)

It’s a natural transition that I gravitated toward design (especially musicals) because I find the collaborative world-building part of the production process exciting. I am drawn to the more expressionistic modes of storytelling inherent to theater and strive with each design to find innovative storytelling solutions that activate the audience's imagination because when activated they become directly involved in the story. 

"As Broadway schedules its return and producers and directors begin to forge exciting new creative teams, we are excited to see what Fleming creates next."                
                - Ricky Welch (voyageny.com)

I believe that design is all about clarity of storytelling. Specific choices about the world and characters create context for the story and when done effectively help the audience comprehend and know what to focus on. It is a process of distillation - taking the story, characters, and dramaturgical, socio-political, and ideological ramifications the script reveals and finding the visual poetic essence that encapsulates the high-level esoteric ideas and themes and translates that essence into intelligible choices. I view the design process as curating everything the audience sees, hears, and feels as a team with specific intention about how these choices will affect them.

"Christian’s very smart about how to execute seemingly impossible ideas onstage, and because his imagination is so developed, he’s able to work with his collaborators as a true artistic partner.”                
                - Jen Wineman (Director/Choreographer)

I hold an intense appreciation of my collaborators and the collaborative process. Designing for theater is exciting because it is one of the inherently collaborative artforms. Each team brings a unique perspective and I enjoy that you never know how the design will evolve. Together, as a team, we are able to build off of and support each other creating art that reveals new aspects about our world and celebrates the human condition. 

EST. 1990

Christian fleming design

Costume & theater designer
Work // see recent projectslet's work together! // MailLab // peek behind the sceneslearn more about me // Info

Designer // Creative Director // Visual Storyteller

Christian Fleming Design

I'm a Set & Costume Designer helping teams dream, define, design, and deliver exceptional theatrical experiences.